Updated event news!

Updated event news!


Updated event news!
9/ June ( Sun)
Free CS60 treatment for Ukraine Refugees 🇺🇦

Many Ukrainians who are forced to flee from the war are exposed to high stress, which results in muscle tension.
Stress associated with harsh experiences and uncertainty can have a negative effect on the body and poor health.
Tense muscles cause pain, reduce mobility and increase feelings of fatigue and anxiety. Understanding these difficulties, COHANA beauty salons start offering free muscle tension massage sessions for Ukrainian refugees.
This massage reduces physical discomfort and improves overall health and mind peace.

What is CS60?

Humans inhale oxygen, of which about 3% is transformed into reactive oxygen species.

Reactive oxygen species, like aging, cause oxidation.
When reactive oxygen species oxidize the lipids of cells, they harden, which makes it better for the cells to take in nutrients and expel waste.
This can weaken the immune system.

CS60 is a special means of removing oxidized waste from cells like a vacuum cleaner.
By regulating the bioelectric current of the cells, it helps mitochondria to become active again and return to a healthy state.
This restores the body's natural healing abilities, increases symptoms, prevents disease and slows down aging.

I’ll continue to support the people in need so please constantly check for the next event !!!

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